Welcome to busAlert.me

Have you ever wished there was a way to be notified when your bus was about to arrive at the stop? Well if you live in Seattle, now there is. It’s called busAlert.me, the service that will call or text you when your bus is approaching your stop.

Usage is simple:  First sign up, then text the King County Metro stop number and the route you’ll be riding to 206-504-2559 and we’ll do the rest. For example, if your stop was 403 and your route number was 2, you would text “403 2” without the quotes to 206-504-2559. For a complete how to guide see usage.

Alternatively,  you can visit the alerts page and get e-mail alerts with no sign up required.

This service is a pay-for-what-you-use service. We ask that if you find this service useful, please help us continue by either donating or subscribing. The more you use the service the more we ask you pay.

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